Saturday, December 11, 2010

Customers of 12/11/10

Wow, I just realized that today's date is pretty awesome.

Saturday night shift. It's usually more exiting than my Sunday shift since there tends to be more people. Also, there tends to be more drunk folks coming in, which means interesting interactions.

-Short female with glasses comes up to the front desk, cock ring in hand. "Is this it for your cock ring selection?" She is snotty, and when I point out that we have more than a dozen options varying from metal, rubber, and vibrating, she looks at me like she didn't see all the other cock rings that were right in front of her. "Oh..."

-Young couple ask me to help them register for a class at a dungeon in San Francisco. When I explain to them that I have connection to the dungeon, and also that we are hours away, he starts getting frantic. He says that he's called and emailed them. Again I explain that there is nothing I can do since we have no connection to them. He buys a bunch of bondage books, but again returns to tell me that he really wants to attend their class.

-Middle age man buys a pink g-spot vibe.

-Right when I took a big bite out of my sandwich, a guy walks in to by lube. I had to scarf down my food real quick. It was pretty awkward.

-Lesbian couple asks me my opinion on the Rabbit vibrator. They seem miffed that I've never tried it. They then ask me what my personal preference is. When I explain that my opinion should effect their own, since everyone gets off differently, they kind of dismiss me and don't want help anymore. They stop and stare that the fetish section, then one spanks the other and laughs.

-Two older women and a guy come in together to browse.

-Woman came in to ask if my boss had her pants. What?

-Two women in designer outfits come in. One tries to by a vibrator, but her "members only" black credit card was declined. She gets insulted when I tell her that her card is declined. I'm not making this up lady! Her friend pays for her in cash.

-Young guy buys stimulation pills

-Couple comes in to ask about special ordering sex furniture. One day when I have a house I want lots of Liberator furniture.

-Woman runs in to by lube. I can hear her husband and children waiting outside.

-Middle aged couple comes in to buy him a prostate massager. He keeps his back to me as I explain the toys, slightly shy/embarrassed. They buy a vibrating prostate massager, lube, massage oil, and an instructional book on fellatio. She thanks me for being so open and informative.

-Cock ring lady comes back. She doesn't like our selection because a bunch are made in China. She leaves without buying anything.

-Three people from earlier come back in. One woman approaches the counter with a vibrating clit pump in hand. Her male friend comes in and demands that I explain to her how to use it. She blushes and keeps her head down as I quickly give instructions. As she purchases it she turns to her female friend saying "I can't believe I'm buying this!" I think they are all a little tipsy.

-Couple comes in to look at double sided dildos...they don't buy one.

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