Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Customers of May 5th, 2010

-Young female quickly walks in, grabs a purple feather ticker, purple crotchless panties, and a couples board game. When I am ringing her up she adds a black blindfold. Someone is going to have a good night. That, or she buys awesome presents.

-Two men at seperate times wander in to check out the store. Both stand in the center and look around and quickly leave. Their visits were about ten minutes apart.

-Frequent flyer customer heads straight to the book section. Purchases "The Adventurous Couples Guide to Strap-on Sex" and some kink erotica that I didn't know we sold. Lastly she buys a metal pinwheel. Again, someone is in for a good night.

-Tango dancer comes in to buy nude pasties

-Young woman signs up in person for our annual strip tease class. Asks me the difference between expensive lube and ky lube.

-Lesbian couple that I went to college with buys red rope. I give them a friends and family discount

-Tattooed surfer dude quickly runs in, buys a bottle of sexual stimulant pills smiling about how he got exited before at a time he wasn't supposed to. I didn't ask.

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  1. I imagine you as Harriet the Spy, all grown up and working in a sex store with your little notebook, jotting down secret notes about everyone you come across. (: