Friday, November 27, 2009

Naked Shopping

I got an email last from a customer asking if they could come to my works public holiday party naked. Polietly I explained that though we support nudity, this is a public event and clothes are not optional.

Now I keep thinking about how cool it would be to shop naked.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Signs that you work at a sex shop

Sign that I work at a sex shop:

drunk at a party finds that I am in sexual education and starts talking about this weird thing he heard about how guys have a g-spot in their asses.

I respond enthusiastically about the "p-spot" and about how prostate stimulation is really great and how I encourage it for those interested. I then started talking about toys that are used for "p-spot" stimulation, like the Aneros.

He stared at me wide-eyed and walked away...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Penis Envy

Sometimes I wish I had a dick.

I mean a real one, not silicone or rubber. I own plenty of those. At times I get these cravings to just jam my imaginary dick into things, and/or wonder what things would feel like if I were to fuck them.

Tenga makes me want a dick.

Tenga ( is a line of sex toys created to indulge and expand male masturbation possibilities. They are not just pocket pussies or imitation asses for you to stick your dick in. They are about sensation and texture. They are designed to create different pleasures and unique experiences for the dick. And jeez, do I want to stick my proverbial dick in them.

The idea is to create a male masturbation toy that doesn't pretend to feel like human body parts, but instead explores different pleasures that the body can experience.

They make affordale disposible sleeves in various functions and sizes so that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to jack off in a new way. There is also th Flip Hole, which is the reusable sleeve that just looks so tempting and fuckable.

Flip Hole

Disposible tenga

Some customers come in multiple times a week to buy the new Tenga products.


Penis envy

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crushing on Avi

It is my belief that sex shops makes people do silly things. Say things they don't mean, act a way that is unfarmiliar and some what strange. I expereince a lot of these behaviors. People get caught off guard, or become too comfortable. In the end there is no proper way to behave.

Crushing and flirting with employees at my work is a daily experience. People get hit on in all sorts of occupations, but something about working at a sex store amps up the sexual tension and causes flirtation or more. For example *Mark. He is in his mid fifties and must come in at least once a week to flirt with one of the managers. He goes as far as to buy items for the employees, though we do not accept. To get him to leave is tricky, because he does buy large amounts of items and promotes the store to his friends. Is letting him hit on the employees a fair trade? Advertisement and money in exchange for friendly and sometimes over the line conversation?

I once had a customer (female) call looking for me, wanting to take me out the evening. I barely remembered who this woman was while she invited me to dinner and a sex club The strange thing for me was, why was she calling me at work? She comes into the store and obviously knows when I work. Why didn't she just ask me for my number?

Avi Answers is a name I made for my work persona. At work I am charming, informative, dominant, and friendly. I do demos for classes, teach workshops, promote the store, etc. When I am at work, Avi takes over. Not saying that I'm not a wonderful person away from work ;P but I find that customers prefer to crush on the fantasy sex shop worker then, well, me.

My female caller comes back for classes, to watch me demo. Mark comes to the store to watch my co-worker. They fantasize about us, make us out to be untouchable. In a way we are. I feel like dating a customer would be cheating. I've learnt too much inimate secrets about them, things I want to explore and discver on my own time. Once in a while I want to jump a customer, but I hold myself back. I hate spoliers.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Updating sex

One of my favorite things about the sex toy industry is how quickly it is evolving. Every few days I come to work and there is a new sexual invention that I've never thought of before. The things people invent are quite impressive. I can only hope that this field continues to grow, and that products become safer and more body friendly.

Meet Mia, an invention of the Lelo complany. Mia is made from medical grade plastic and is a little bigger than a lipstick. The cool thing about Mia? Not only is it rechargable (no batteries required, awesome!) but it charges in the USB port in you computor. How convenient is that?

Sysil is our newist double sided dildo. The cool thing about Sysil? It's adjustable, so that the position of the phallus can change. The curve can become narrower, or wider to personal preference. It also has a removable vibrating bullet in it. and is water proof. Personally I don't love the color, but I forgive it due to it's kickass design.