Friday, November 6, 2009

Updating sex

One of my favorite things about the sex toy industry is how quickly it is evolving. Every few days I come to work and there is a new sexual invention that I've never thought of before. The things people invent are quite impressive. I can only hope that this field continues to grow, and that products become safer and more body friendly.

Meet Mia, an invention of the Lelo complany. Mia is made from medical grade plastic and is a little bigger than a lipstick. The cool thing about Mia? Not only is it rechargable (no batteries required, awesome!) but it charges in the USB port in you computor. How convenient is that?

Sysil is our newist double sided dildo. The cool thing about Sysil? It's adjustable, so that the position of the phallus can change. The curve can become narrower, or wider to personal preference. It also has a removable vibrating bullet in it. and is water proof. Personally I don't love the color, but I forgive it due to it's kickass design.

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