Friday, June 24, 2011

Avi's Last Day

Today is my last shift at the shop.

I'm getting really nostalgic about leaving. All day I've been sweaty and nervous, being clumsy and silly. I packaged a bunch of condoms, put them out on display and then realized that I forgot to price them. Then, when customers were leaving and saying "Thank you" I responded with "Hello!" Er......yeah. I am a wreck today, but trying not to let it show.

Already had one person call in to wish me luck on my journey. When I came into work my boss told me that people have been calling all morning for me. Sweethearts.

After helping some customers, I decided to test out a packet of "libido boosters" for female sexual enhancement. Pretty sure I'm about to feel all floaty and warm.

Customers today have been pretty tame. Helped a woman find warming lube. Sold a rechargeable vibrator to a super tall guy. Helped out a female couple find the right harness for them.

Young guy with green bangs buys a cock ring and jokes how he looks like he's 12.

Female couple came back after comparing prices with a competing sex shop. They buy a harness, dildo, and vibrating cock ring.

Local photographer friend came in to say goodbye. I helped him with his first erotic photography show at the shop.

Again the shift goes slow. Sad that my last shift is this dead.

Two women come in and discuss porn. They leave as quickly as they arrive.

I'm so nervous about leaving my hands are shaking as I try to organize things.

While looking up future jobs for sex workers, I came across this photo.

Thanks Internet

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day

Okay, well really it's Father's Day, but "Daddy" sounds so much more pervy.

"Holidays" at the sex shop are always a unique experience, since the flow and type of customer changes depending on the event. Christmas, for example, brings in a lot more young customers who are looking for something fun and new for their significant other. Valentines Day brings in a lot more married couples and self-proclaimed feminists buying themselves something buzz-worthy. Mother's Day brings in partners looking to celebrate their sweeties, and they usually leave with back massager or massage oil.

Father's Day is pretty quiet.
Last night I had a couple buying a vibrator for her to celebrate the day (he paid)and two people came in to buy Fleshlights for the men in their lives.

-So far today I have had a few people come in and poke round the store, but nothing of note.

-It's been about three hours since we've opened and no purchases have been made.

-Today is my last Sunday shift. The lack of people seems appropriate with my on going love/hate relationships with this shift.

-Grizzly man walks in bopping his head to the music. He asks if we carry anything about hypnosis and fetish.

-Three young females walk in eating ice cream. They stick together and giggle in the porn dvd section. They leave quickly.

-Middle Aged man with glasses walks around with his arms folded. Won't look at me.

And I got permission to close early since no one has come in


Saturday, June 18, 2011

My last full weekend

I'm not gonna lie, I am getting nostalgic. Three years ago I nervously emailed a newly opening sex shop, with no retail experience and pretty horendous people skills, and was miraculously hired. Major thanks to Miss Maggie Mayhem for pointing me in the right direction and pretty much kick starting my sex worker career. I will forever be in your debt.

This is my last full weekend shift at work. I am getting nervous that I will never be able to top the incredible experience that I had working here. Last night some customers commented on what a wonderful salesperson I was, saying that I really made them feel comfortable in an awkward situation. The husband went on to say that my interaction with them was professional and person, and that I knew how to adjust myself to their comfort zone. I started blushing and could barely make eye contact while he called my boss out to make sure she knew what a great employee I was.

Sometimes I feel like I am abandoning my post at the shop. I have to remind myself that I have bigger things to do in the sex world. I am a sex revolutionist, not just a shop girl anymore.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gay Pride Festival Customers

Today the local gay pride festival is across the street at the downtown civic center. I thought I would note some interactions, since the whole town is walking past the shop.

-People shouting "Wooooo Pride!" through the door

-One young guy came in with his friends and asked me if he could have a job. His lady friend tries on a latex skirt. She stands there, feeling herself, talking about how cool the material feels. He says "nice ass".

-Two women look at our fetish section, comparing floggers and paddles. They buy a black and red flogger.

-Young girl in skull t-shirt buys rainbow striped socks. She is nervous to talk to me.

-Couple buy a vibrator using a gift certificate.

-Queer youth buys safety scissors and penis shaped lollipops and tells me about their Burning Man rope adventures.

-Woman in leather vest buy rainbow star pasties.

-I have to enter over 200 emails for our raffle contest. People guessed how many condoms were in a jar to win a vibrator. There were 114. A college student guessed the correct number, she came in with all of her friends screaming to claim her prize. Over 200 emails from drunks and bad handwriting.

-Someone gave me their number

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sex Shop Worker Resume

Since giving my notice of leaving, I have begun to get sentimental of all the things I have learned while working at the sex shop. After all, there are certain skills that just can't translate to the non-sex shop world that I am very proud of, but will probably never use again.

For instance, I can clean a male masturbation sleeve in under five minutes. Give me a gross, lord-knows-what covered sleeve, and I slip on my latex gloves, and can turn around a clean, ready to use toy, no problem.

I can also clean various material dildos, including silicone, TPR, plastic, metal, and glass.

I can stock vibrators in a decorative manner to make them look appealing and eye-catching without taking away from their neighbors.

I can up-sale most toys, adding on lube, condoms, other toys, anything I can add-on to the sale

I can organize a jar of crops to look like a bouquet of pretty implements

I can clean off erotic novels so it doesn't appear that creepy people have been sitting in the corner reading them all day

I have a mental list of local strip clubs memorized to refer horn-dog customers to

I can research porn without masturbating or being distracted, and I can do it while customers are in the room and not let on what I am watching

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Hint of Leather Bed and Breakfast

Recently some acquaintances of mine opened up a Bondage, Bed, and Breakfast. I had the honor of checking it out and reviewing it. If you are in the central California area and are looking for an exotic and kinky weekend of fun, I recommend checking them out!

Driving up the beautiful Santa Cruz coast towards Monterey, about a twenty-minute drive from the beach is the California central coasts best kept naughty secret, “A Hint of Leather” Bondage, Bed, and Breakfast inn. Hosted by some of the friendliest kinksters you will ever meet, this non-traditional B&B is a great for a get away, vacation spot, or even just a nightly romp. If your kinky and looking for a place to experiment, or curious and desire to explore, I highly recommend checking this location out.

The Bed and Breakfast is part of an authentic lifestyle couple’s private home, located in a separate back building that has been turned into an intimate dungeon, with personal art decorating the outside welcoming guests into its safe space. When you open the building door, it resembles an lovely authentic bed and breakfast verses an intimidating BDSM dungeon, which eases the guest into the space. A lovely bathroom down the hallway, and a welcome sign to your right lets you know that this space is for you to do with as you wish, to use as intensely, or lovingly as you may. To your right is a heavy wooden door, which opens into the dungeon, where guests are invited to stay and play around in. The dungeon/bedroom is well lit, with warm orange lights and fake fire lanterns that remind you that though this space is kinky, it’s only as intense as you make it.

Let me tell you, this dungeon is well stocked. If you’ve ever wanted to explore with anything kinky, fetish, or sexually deviant, this space has the implements to help. The first thing that stands out in the room is the wall of toys. Floggers, crops, paddles, restraints, masks, mouth gags, and devices of all sorts hang ever so nicely off the far wall. All are available for use, and the hosts happily show how to use them if so desired. There is also a giant queen sized bed, with beautiful fetish photography hanging on the walls around it. I cannot emphasize enough how homey this dungeon is, and how amazing it is to find a space with so much equipment and can still maintain intimacy. There is lots of dungeon furniture available, including a bondage post, bondage table, spanking benches, hanging chain cage, movable suspension point, a working jail cell, and bondage cross. Snooping around the room you will find lots of fun little toys neatly organized, and fun books and movies to look at. I could spend hours just poking through all the equipment and toys, admiring the opportunity to see such a vast variety of implements, all at my disposal!

For guests taking advantage of the Bed and Breakfast amenities, they will receive a full breakfast, as well as snacks, bottled water, use of a refrigerator, an outdoor patio, private bathroom, and wireless Internet.

Recommended for couples and small groups, new and experienced in the world of BDSM, this dungeon is a rare mix of kink and comfort.

Check them out at