Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day

Okay, well really it's Father's Day, but "Daddy" sounds so much more pervy.

"Holidays" at the sex shop are always a unique experience, since the flow and type of customer changes depending on the event. Christmas, for example, brings in a lot more young customers who are looking for something fun and new for their significant other. Valentines Day brings in a lot more married couples and self-proclaimed feminists buying themselves something buzz-worthy. Mother's Day brings in partners looking to celebrate their sweeties, and they usually leave with back massager or massage oil.

Father's Day is pretty quiet.
Last night I had a couple buying a vibrator for her to celebrate the day (he paid)and two people came in to buy Fleshlights for the men in their lives.

-So far today I have had a few people come in and poke round the store, but nothing of note.

-It's been about three hours since we've opened and no purchases have been made.

-Today is my last Sunday shift. The lack of people seems appropriate with my on going love/hate relationships with this shift.

-Grizzly man walks in bopping his head to the music. He asks if we carry anything about hypnosis and fetish.

-Three young females walk in eating ice cream. They stick together and giggle in the porn dvd section. They leave quickly.

-Middle Aged man with glasses walks around with his arms folded. Won't look at me.

And I got permission to close early since no one has come in


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