Saturday, June 18, 2011

My last full weekend

I'm not gonna lie, I am getting nostalgic. Three years ago I nervously emailed a newly opening sex shop, with no retail experience and pretty horendous people skills, and was miraculously hired. Major thanks to Miss Maggie Mayhem for pointing me in the right direction and pretty much kick starting my sex worker career. I will forever be in your debt.

This is my last full weekend shift at work. I am getting nervous that I will never be able to top the incredible experience that I had working here. Last night some customers commented on what a wonderful salesperson I was, saying that I really made them feel comfortable in an awkward situation. The husband went on to say that my interaction with them was professional and person, and that I knew how to adjust myself to their comfort zone. I started blushing and could barely make eye contact while he called my boss out to make sure she knew what a great employee I was.

Sometimes I feel like I am abandoning my post at the shop. I have to remind myself that I have bigger things to do in the sex world. I am a sex revolutionist, not just a shop girl anymore.

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