Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gay Pride Festival Customers

Today the local gay pride festival is across the street at the downtown civic center. I thought I would note some interactions, since the whole town is walking past the shop.

-People shouting "Wooooo Pride!" through the door

-One young guy came in with his friends and asked me if he could have a job. His lady friend tries on a latex skirt. She stands there, feeling herself, talking about how cool the material feels. He says "nice ass".

-Two women look at our fetish section, comparing floggers and paddles. They buy a black and red flogger.

-Young girl in skull t-shirt buys rainbow striped socks. She is nervous to talk to me.

-Couple buy a vibrator using a gift certificate.

-Queer youth buys safety scissors and penis shaped lollipops and tells me about their Burning Man rope adventures.

-Woman in leather vest buy rainbow star pasties.

-I have to enter over 200 emails for our raffle contest. People guessed how many condoms were in a jar to win a vibrator. There were 114. A college student guessed the correct number, she came in with all of her friends screaming to claim her prize. Over 200 emails from drunks and bad handwriting.

-Someone gave me their number

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