Friday, June 24, 2011

Avi's Last Day

Today is my last shift at the shop.

I'm getting really nostalgic about leaving. All day I've been sweaty and nervous, being clumsy and silly. I packaged a bunch of condoms, put them out on display and then realized that I forgot to price them. Then, when customers were leaving and saying "Thank you" I responded with "Hello!" Er......yeah. I am a wreck today, but trying not to let it show.

Already had one person call in to wish me luck on my journey. When I came into work my boss told me that people have been calling all morning for me. Sweethearts.

After helping some customers, I decided to test out a packet of "libido boosters" for female sexual enhancement. Pretty sure I'm about to feel all floaty and warm.

Customers today have been pretty tame. Helped a woman find warming lube. Sold a rechargeable vibrator to a super tall guy. Helped out a female couple find the right harness for them.

Young guy with green bangs buys a cock ring and jokes how he looks like he's 12.

Female couple came back after comparing prices with a competing sex shop. They buy a harness, dildo, and vibrating cock ring.

Local photographer friend came in to say goodbye. I helped him with his first erotic photography show at the shop.

Again the shift goes slow. Sad that my last shift is this dead.

Two women come in and discuss porn. They leave as quickly as they arrive.

I'm so nervous about leaving my hands are shaking as I try to organize things.

While looking up future jobs for sex workers, I came across this photo.

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