Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things I have learnt from customers

Never assume that because they are older then you, that they are sexually informed. I had a customer come in and after a long struggle ask for "something you put on a condom and a woman to make it more..." After a little confusion I realized he was describing lube. Working at a sex shop sometimes puts me in this bubble that "most" people are aware of the basics: condoms, lubricant, and porn. But then there are people like this guy that reminds me why sex education even for adults is important. Especially for adults. He and his partner had been using peppermint soap as a lubricant because he thought lube was for gay men.

Some people will disclose personal information that has nothing to do with sex, just because they feel that they are in an intimate and personal environment

Keep a straight face. Sex makes some people uncomfortable and say the most awkward or awful things A woman became flustered by a very large dildo and began to giggle and proclaim loudly that this was probably meant just for black women. Keeping a straight face I replied that people from many races and genders have purchased "The Outlaw". I'm used to hearing homophobic and sexist remarks in the store ("that's meant for lesbians" "purple is for women" etc) but first time hearing anything about race.

A customer being a dick often means they are just nervous and are trying to make you the uncomfortable one. Role reversal.

A customer hitting on you often means they are just nervous and are trying ti make you the uncomfortable one. Role reversal.

When some says "thank you" and how much they appreciate your help, they mean it. I've spent lengths of time listening and assisting people with their questions, and it never gets old when someone actually looks pleased and relieved at the end of the interaction.

Okay, thats all for now

-Avi Answers

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