Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night Blues

Sitting at the store, wondering where all the people are. I usually work the weekend night shifts, which provides me with colorful character folk to observe and report upon. Yet today seems to be a slow night. I clocked in at 5pm (it is currently a quarter to 7) and havn't seen a soul since. So what does an employee do when left alone for hours?

I use all the demo products behind the counter


When you, the customer are not here, I do chores. It may not sound as exiting as testing out our products, its not. I clean, organize, make notes, calls, etc.

Sometimes I do try on a costume or corset, and then get caught off guard when a customer comes in whilst i'm prancing around as a cop/bunny/pirate.

Right now I'm just wondering where the hell everyone is.

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