Friday, October 9, 2009

My favorite toy

Customers ask a lot of personal questions. This is no suprise, since they are disclosing intimate details to me, they'd like to hear some back. I tend to avoid personal preference though, because everyones sex preferences are different. What may feel good for me may be a terrible experience for someone else. Probably once a day I get asked what my favorite vibrator that we carry is, or if I have tried any of them. I deffer by showing the most popular selling, or ones that have been customer recommended.

You want to hear a secret?

I don't use vibrators.

I own a ton. Friends keep buying me them because it seems like a logical gift to give to someone who works in the sex industry. But honestly? I don't use them. Oh I have tried; big ones, small ones, g-spot stimulators, clit vibes, double stimulators, the works. I have done mono and partner stimulation. I just don't care for them. I have never enjoyed using a vibrator.

This for some reason is shocking news. But I think it's important for people to understand that vibrators are not for everyone, even those that are surrounded by them all day. There is not one epic sex toy that works for everyone. There are ones that work for a lot of people, but again, not everyone. Our bodies are complicated and different.

So what is my favorite sex toy? I have a few, which I use to my own disgression. They get me off and make me happy, bring me to climaxes I never thought possible. Some make me cry, scream, laugh, or a combination of all that.
And they are my partners, my lovers, my companions.
Made of flesh and bone, and squishy innards. Sorry to those who expect that medical grade plastics and vibrations can satisfy me. It works for many, but just not for me.

But that's not to say I don't own a chest load of toys (I do, it's huge and currently disorganized). Toys for me are additions to sex. They can make a scene even more pleasurable. And I always have room for more.

Just don't get me a vibrator


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