Thursday, October 8, 2009

Squeaky Clean Sex

Sex is dirty, sex is messy, sex is gross.
Sex is sweaty, sex is lubey, sex is cummy.

Sex stores don't have to mimic this aspect. The mailman came into our store today and asked how I was doing, nodding towards my windex and paper towels that I had just stashed behind the counter. "Oh I'm fine, just cleaning." Glancing around he shrugged "it looks pretty clean." I asked, "Would people come in if it weren't?"

The most popular praise I get on my work place is how clean it is, usualy coming in a suprised manner. What are customers expecting? Dirty displays, sticky questionable puddles, flies surrounding the counter? Everyday we scrub and polish, dust and shine, to make sure that the store is as clean as possible.

Personally, I have visited other stores that don't clean their products as often. And readers? It's gross. A sex toy must be taken care of, even if it is meant for display and not for sexual use. How toys are displayed are how they attract their possible future owners. I once put my fingers in a masturbation sleeve and pulled out gross dust clumps. I don't think anyone wants to stick their fingers in any pussy, be it silicone or real, and pull out dirt. Clean it. I clean our masturbation sleeves twice a week at least, with soap, water, and other secret cleaning ingedients. The only thing I want people to feel when they stick their fingers in is the suction and ribbed sensations that the product offers. (Fleshlight if you were wondering what product).

It reminds me of a poster I used to have in middle school: A clean room is a sign of a sick mind"
A clean store for dirty deeds.

Take care

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