Friday, November 20, 2009

Penis Envy

Sometimes I wish I had a dick.

I mean a real one, not silicone or rubber. I own plenty of those. At times I get these cravings to just jam my imaginary dick into things, and/or wonder what things would feel like if I were to fuck them.

Tenga makes me want a dick.

Tenga ( is a line of sex toys created to indulge and expand male masturbation possibilities. They are not just pocket pussies or imitation asses for you to stick your dick in. They are about sensation and texture. They are designed to create different pleasures and unique experiences for the dick. And jeez, do I want to stick my proverbial dick in them.

The idea is to create a male masturbation toy that doesn't pretend to feel like human body parts, but instead explores different pleasures that the body can experience.

They make affordale disposible sleeves in various functions and sizes so that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to jack off in a new way. There is also th Flip Hole, which is the reusable sleeve that just looks so tempting and fuckable.

Flip Hole

Disposible tenga

Some customers come in multiple times a week to buy the new Tenga products.


Penis envy

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