Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Shift

Recently I was promoted to Sunday shifts. Well I'm not sure if promoted is the right word. Sunday is the questionable day when it comes to the shop. It's either really really dull or full of people. Some days are predictable. Saturday for example, is a large sales day, and Saturday night is date night, so I am constantly on my feet. Sundays...not so much.

My day had been pretty eventful though, considering the fact that there is construction happening on our block and traffic can't go through.

It started off with a middle aged man asking about g-strings and skirts that would fit him. He didn't end up buying anything though, nothing fit exactly right.

Then a woman came in complaining to me about a vibrator that she bought from here that she said was too hard. As I pointed out that it was made out of hard plastic, she tried to argue that she didn't know it was that hard. Luckily she wasn't trying to return it, just trying to find something cheap that was softer.

A young girl comes in buying pasties and an expensive male masturbation sleeve.

Then I help a diabetic man pick out a prostate massager because he is starting to get sexual dysfunction. He is friendly and very open about anal stimulation.

Two young girls in matching t-shirts and glasses hold hands and walk around the store. They just left.

Asian woman is still wandering around the store after a good half hour. No, she does not want help.

From what I can conclude from this day so far is that Sunday is browsing day. People look around, but don't buy anything. Lucky for me, I am not paid by commission, so I don't have to be pushy.

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