Sunday, June 27, 2010

Psychic Powers

There are sometimes when I am psychic. I can hone in on my supernatural powers and predict the future and read minds.

Of course, I am referring to sex toy purchases.

When work is slow, or when I feel like it, I play a guessing game with customers. I predict their purchases depending on who they are and how they act.

For example:
-A young couple walk in, male and female, early 20s. They look new to the store (looking around wide eyed). Holding hands. They spot the vibrator wall and head straight there. From this I access that they are looking for something simple (from looking new) and cheap (youth tend not to do large purchases). I guess that they are going to buy a Breeze bullet, which runs less than $20.

and I am right. They buy the exact product, plus some inexpensive lube. They tell me that this is their first time in here. Score one for my psychic powers.

Second example:
-A gentleman (guessing age 40-50) walks in by himself. He is friendly, but doesn't make eye contact with me. First he heads to the porn, but then slowly moves across the store. From this I access that he's probably looking for a masturbation toy for himself. Men sometimes seem embarrassed to buy masturbation toys from us sales girls. When they stay to the right side of the store and slowly inch back towards the cock pleasure section, it means that they've been here before, but don't want any attention on them. He buys a Fleshlight masturbation sleeve, and doesn't make eye contact with me at the counter.

Score two for my epic powers.

I also have been able to predict the type of porn people are looking for.

But sometimes my powers fail me. Like today, this girl-girl couple comes in and heads towards the left side of the store where the dildos and vibrators are. I make the assumption that they are going for the dildos. But no. They quickly and efficiently purchase a Rabbit Habit vibrator.

I am reminded that I need to not make assumptions all the time. Everyone's sexuality is different and I should never assume anything in this industry.

And then five minutes later another gentleman (age 40-50) comes in, doesn't make eye contact, and edges towards the right side of the store. Hello masturbation section.

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