Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dating sites and sex workers

Recently I joined a social dating site to see what all the hype was about. I have only had my account a short time, and being a proud sex shop worker and educator, I have it written on my profile what my career is. Due to labeling myself as a sex-positive person I have been getting dozens of messages per day. Some are really great and I have met some awesome people, and some just make me shake my head with the silliness of humanity. Here are my top twelve so far.

1. "If I were a short, chubby virgin with a small dick and I wanted to learn how to use sex toys and experiment with a much taller woman, would that turn you on? What if I masturbated one or more time per day and I like to cook? "

2."Lets fuck"

3."Girl, you are so beautiful...I would go to battle against a family of silverback gorillas with only a plastic wiffle bat as my weapon just to have the oppurtunity to split a fifth of vodka with the male nurse that was in the delivery room when you were born. "

4."Before I get way to far ahead of myself I better be up front with you. Yes I do have a girlfriend and we have been together for a while. She is aware of what I'm doing, she ain't thrilled with the idea but understands. She dosent want anything to do with what I'm doing ( out of site out of mind).
Now back to the kink, I love cyber/phone/text sex and photo swapping, I don't wanna screw anybody but my girlfriend but a mans got fantasies! I was hoping this is something you would enjoy or know someone who would!
I do not have a pic of me on here but am more than willing to share one. The pic I do have up here is one of dr. Venture from the venture bros. I do resemble him more than I'd like but that's life. I am bald, long beard that comes to a point, and on the skinneyer side. I'd love to here back from you. You do seem to be one of the few honest people on here. Most are so full of shit I can smell it from here. "

5."Hey naughty girl.. I think you need a spanking.."

6."You should message me and see whats up tonight.. Im in need of some good company. You seem like a lot of fun. We should get to know each other..."
Two hours later
"You seem like a very freeing person.. I really dont have ant brutal honesty in my life right now.."
6 hours later
"sorry Im really bad at this "

7."u are hot as fuck... i may not look it but i am on ur wave length... lets chat "

8. "I would love to meet a sexy woman like you to hang out with.. I realize I dont have any pics, but, that is due to wanting to keep my professional and private life seperate... If we connect I would be happy to email you pics or trade xell numbers and send pics that way. Anyhow I hope to hear from you, I have a 12 pack, a hotel room and nothing to do and noone to do it with... ;) "

9. "love to fuck the hell out of you..
get back to me.... "

10. "hey, you think you are good at talking about sex?..well i dont think yo are as good at it as i am, would be cool to chat, you are amazing, i could teach u some hawaii stuff "

11. "Hey you look sweet really cute and cuddly lets fuck"
My response "No thank you"
"bitch i want to tear your mouth open and not let you breathe"

12. "want to taste 8) "

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