Friday, April 15, 2011

Sex Safety vs. Financial Santiy (and anal sex!)

Sex toys can be expensive, I'm not the first one in this industry to admit it. I get customers every day (some in the store this very minute) rolling their eyes and groaning over the price of the toys they are looking at. People come in with a set idea of how much they want to spend, like a supermarket, sometimes with lists and set items that they are going to buy and leave with much lighter wallets, also like a supermarket. The reason that many sex toys are so pricy is due to quality.

You may be reading this thinking "Hey! My sex toys weren't expensive! What the heck is she talking about?" Look at the packages your toys come in. Do they have ingredients? No? Research the material that your toy is, and what cheap chemicals are going into it. Many sex toy companies thrive off of cheap toys because they get away with it all too easily. Some people are embaressed about buying toys, so they will just grab whatever is being sold, and not think to research the product any further. People that do look into products and ingredients are often aware that sex toys that tend to be a bit more costly happen to be higher quality. When I say costly, I don't mean hundreds of dollars. Many high quality toys can be between $15-$20, which is still a lot more than their cheaper counter parts that can be found for around five bucks.

My work is one of the few proud sex stores that actually look into their products and the materials that go into them. We only sell high grade quality toys, which means no toxic chemicals, or gross jelly ingredients. Our silicone is %100, and our plastics are medical grade. Yes, this makes them a few dollars more, but we'd rather sell a fifty dollar toy and go to sleep at night knowing our products are poisening our customers than sell things quickly and cheaply.

It amazes me how much people will sacrifice health for an extra dollar. Mind you, I understand eating cheaper food and trying to pay as little as possible for clothes. As an avid thrift store shopping and dumpster diver, I do my best to try not to waste money. Yet, when it comes to sex toys and sexual health, trying to be cheap can be harmful to ones health. Note: this is not me condemning anyone who can't afford expensive sex toys. This is me wagging my finger at people being stubborn and putting themselves at risk when they can afford a better option. I hope I am conveying my thoughts correctly.

This couple came in today that was a pure example of how frustrating some people can be in this area. After browsing and asking questions, the guy asks me if I knew anything about orgasms and anal sex. I ask if he wants to know about male or female, and he says both. Lovely! I love couples who are open to anal exploration, as a sex educator and perv, it brings me glee. I start explaining how to find the g-spot anally for her, and about prostate stimulation for him. The guy then holds up a bullet vibrator and tells me he is going to buy it for this purpose. Alarm bells start going off in my head. When exploring anal play, you MUST use a toy that has a flair or flanged base. The anus can always contract at any moment, and if you are using a toy that doesn't have a wide base, the toy gets sucked right up. This is "The Big End" by Platinum toys. See how it's base is wider than the neck of the toy? This ensures that it will not get sucked up and lost in your body. This is "The Little Chroma" by JimmyJane. See how there is no flare, and how it is a straight line? Imagine what would happen if you put this in your butt and then your muscles contract and you loose your grip. That readers, is a pleasant trip to the hospital for you.

I explain this all to the couple. Apparently the woman already knew this, and been telling him that the $18 toy he wanted to get was not safe to use, but he was determined since it was our cheapest toy. I showed him similar toys, but since they were all about ten dollars more, he refused. He them picked out a similar toy that had a longer handle, stating that if he held a good grip on it, nothing bad could happen. I explain to him that it isn't worth risking the trip to the hospital, and his response was that if it did get sucked into his butt, he could just use lube and dig it out. Umm....really? I again told him that there is still the possibility that he would need to go to the emergency room. His lady friend was telling him this too, but he kept shutting us both down.

In the end they still bought something not entirelly anal safe (it was a vibrator with a long handle that slightly bulged out, not built for anal play) but more safe than what he wanted. Since it was a few dollars more, the woman paid for the whole thing. The guy even stopped me from running the card to make sure she didn't want to think again about getting something cheaper. She looked like she was ready to smack him.

The moral of the story here is don't sacrifice your sexual health, expecially your anus, for saving a few bucks. There are better things to be thrifty about.

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