Friday, August 19, 2011

Sex Worker Housing


So recently I have been looking for housing and filling out lots of housing applications. I haven't moved for a few years, so I forgot that you need to write your means of employment to prove that you can pay rent. While getting proof of payment from my work, someone asked me if I use the actual name of my employers, or use a general coorporation title. For example, instead of "sex shop sales person" should I put "retail associate".

Sometimes I forget that people still have a problem with sex shops, and that this line of work to some is not considered valid or "a real job". Personally I've had to exaplin more than once to my parents that this is legit work, and for me working in this industry isn't a joke or a quick way to make money. I actually believe that by working at a sex shop I am helping out humanity in one way or another.

I talked to some fellow sex shop workers and they told me that sometimes housing companies won't work with anyone in the sex industry, which is why sometimes you need to be very vague on the forms. But my line of work is just as legal and legit as theirs. Why do I need to feel ashamed and hide my profession?

After four years, you'd think I would stop being so surprised by peoples actions.

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