Friday, September 9, 2011

Running into Sex Shop Workers: Awkward or entertaining?

Recently I went to an event where I ran into two customers. These two separate interactions are pretty much representatives of the most common responses I get when accidentally running into people that I have sold to.

Customer #1:
Whilst walking out a doorway, a young blonde woman started staring at me. I smiled and said hello, and she squinted her eyes as if to examine me, and asked if I was from a certain town (I am). When she asked where she knew me from, I jokingly said that I probably have sold her a sex toy, since I worked in a shop for three years down there. Mind you, I wasn't sincere about this connection, but the linkliness that she had seen me there was pretty high. Right away her face starts to go pink, and then red, and she starts stammering. She mumbles that I was probably right, and pretty much looked like she was ready to run. I told her it was okay to run into me, it happens pretty often and that she shouldn't be embarassed. If anything, it's a funny story to tell. A random guy who apparently had heard this whole conversation stepped in and gave her a sticker to make her feel better. She thanked him, and then quickly excused herself, avoiding eye contact with me.

Let's be honest, I have worked with a lot of folk. I do not remember a large majority of them by face, and some I may not even remember by story. Unless it is something that really stood out (like you were on fire at the time) your customer interaction with me is most likely going to be forgotten. Yes, some of my favorites I do note here, but I really could not connect faces with most of them. But whenever I run into a former customer, about half the time they are super embarassed. Which to me is funny, since I then assume that they bought something super raunchy (like a huuuuuuuge butt plug) that they didn't want anyone to find out about. In reality, they probably bought a book or a vibrator.

Customer #2:
I am in an event tent and the lady at the door looks familiar. As I walk by her, she asks me if I am from a certain city (I am). I then make the connection that I just met this woman the week before, when I sold her and her girlfriend their first harness. I tell her that she knows me from making an intimate purchase the week before, and once that clicks, she starts smiling and laughing and gives me a big hug. She thanks me for helping her out, and even tells me a little snippet about her adventures with her purchases. As I leave, she thanks me for saying hello and wishes me well.

Some customers are really exited to run into me. I like to think that its because they are reminded of a good experience, or something that added positively to their lives. After all, some sex toys are pretty earth shattering. I once had my meal paid for by a couple that recognized me for helping them buy their first sex toy. They laughed and waved at me, and went off in a good mood.

Shopping for sex toys is embarassing for some people, and for others its a new form of expression.

Just remember to be nice to your local sex shop worker, and if you can, buy them a drink. ; )

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