Friday, October 14, 2011

Out and About

Sometimes I forget that just because I am sex-casual doesn't mean that my surroundings are.

I take the bus every day to and from work, and sometimes I like to bring reading material with me. Since my work constantly updates its library, I like to keep myself in the loop and skim through a few books a week. My co workers were talking about how they use book jackets to cover their reading materials whenever they are in public. I don't. I don't really get self-conscious about the books I read, and I like when the person next to me starts reading along after realizing what the content is. I have yet to be called out for my raunchy reads, but I've gotten a few awkward glances.

Today I went to a museum with my father. I recently was given a messenger bag that has a sex toy companies logo across it and I wear it everywhere. For my fathers comfort I flipped the bag around so the logo faced me (he's not exactly gung-ho about my career choice). When going through museum security, we had to have our bags searched. I handed my bag over to the cute security guard, and waited as his eye brows raised at the erotic words on my bag. I held back a smile as he riffled through my stuff, which included a copy of Jay Wiseman's "SM 101" and he blushed. Happily I accepted my bag back and gave him a cheerful thank you as he stared at me while I walked away.

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