Thursday, December 15, 2011

Faster, better, harder, stronger

I am always in awe of the sex toy industry when it comes to the holiday season and seeing the latest and greatest toy designs. Two years ago, it was rechargeable toys. Last year, it was waterproof rechargeable toys. Just when you thought it couldn't get more high tech? BAM! Remote controlled waterproof rechargeable vibrators. Remote controlled motion sensitive vibrators. Waterproof USB charged vibrators. Sound activated USB rechargeable remote controlled vibrators. Well done sex toy industry, I tip my proverbial hat to you.

Let's check out some cool ones, shall we?

We-Vibe 3

The We-Vibe itself has been around for a few years, but the company continuously updates their toys. The We-Vibe is designed as a "couples toy", though I like to describe it as a vaginal clip. The smaller end is inserted into the vagina, while the larger end rests on the outer vulva around the clit. The idea is that the smaller end is thing enough to allow a partner to penetrate the vagina while the vibration is going on. Also its rechargeable. Awesome, no?

The original We-Vibe was purple and had two speeds, high and low. Then they updated to the We-Vibe 2 which has a button when you can click through multiple setting and pulsation patterns. And came out with more colors like turquoise and red. Now, the We-Vibe 3 is here, which is not only 100% waterproof, and more powerful, but it also comes with a remote control! Well done We-Vibe.

The Club Vibe 2.0
OhMiBod is known for making toys that vibe to the sound of your iPod and other electronic devices. They are pretty high tech when it comes to sex toys. The Club Vibe 2.0 is, the the We-Vibe 3, an updated version of an existing model. The Club Vibe 1.0 is a little bullet that you slip into your panties that is attached to a battery pack. It has a multiple vibration setting, as well as a sound sensitive setting where it vibrates to the noise around it. The idea is that you can go to the club with this toy on and have a reallllllllly good time near the speakers. The 2.0 version is definitely an upgrade from the tiny bullet. The vibrator is now a remote control, where the receiver slips one part into the front of their undergarments (they do give you one in the box) and the controller has the ability to vibe them from across the room. The design is pretty sexy, with a sleek oval design that hugs the body. Also the controller can change just how sensitive to noise the toy is, which can lead to some pretty fun date nights. Did I mention that it charges using an USB cord?

Lyla, Tiant, and Oden
LELO is a high quality toy company that has won my heart over many a times. Their new line of "sense-motion" toys has by far been my favorite of their ideas.
These new toys are not only rechargeable and remote controlled, but they designed with "sense-motion" which means that the person with the controller can change the vibrations using the motion of their hands. So, depending on how fast you flick your hand back and forth your partners vibrations will be affected. I imagine a lot of people will be playing sexy tormenting games with this new technology. Currently the line has three toys. The Lyla is a basic egg vibe, which can be used externally or vaginally. The Oden is designed as a cockring, where the vibrator sits at the top of the package. The Tiani takes after the We-Vibe design, where it is meant to be used as a vibrator during insertion.

The Duet is very new. So new, I just got an info session about it today. But I am very exited to see this baby in action, and after holding it in my hand I am definitely saving up for this one.

The Duet is made by Crave, which believe is San Francisco based. Again, so new that I am unfamiliar with the company (sorry! But I love your stuff!) The Duet is an external vibe that is not only waterproof and rechargeable, but it is USB charged and some models actually have memory space on their USBs. What? I can store my porn in this thing? Yup! And let me tell you, this vibe is strong, and super classy looking and even comes with a fancy carrying case. I see a big future for this little guy.

What will they think of next?

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