Friday, April 6, 2012

Can I Ask my Boyfriend to Help Pay for my Birth Control?

Dear Avi Answers, recently posted an article about the high cost of having lady parts. In that vein, is it fair to ask my boyfriend to start helping with the bills for some of these things (IE BCP)?

Birth control is the responsability of all partners involved. If he is depending on you to take the pill as both of your forms of birth control, then technically he is taking it along with you. Just because you are the one ingesting it doesn't mean that he is not responsible for helping to pay. It's in your body, but both of you use it as your means of contraception. It is totally fine to ask for him to help out paying for birth control.
Birth control is not one partners responsability. All partners involved should be aware of what is being used and share the financial responsability of paying for it.

On that note, partners should offer to split the costs of all forms of birth control, including condoms. At work I often see M/F couples come in to purchase condoms, with the male partner paying for all of it. Sometimes the female partner will make a comment like, "Since he's the one using it, he needs to pay for it." Lady, you are using condoms too. Condoms are a form of birth control, and if your partner is using them as a barrier during sex, then you are also using them even if they are not on your body.

There tends to be a mentality of "It's not my body, so it's not my responsability."

It's both of your birth control, it's both of your responsability.

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