Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fear of the d-i-l-d-o

About five minutes ago a customer, while in the midst of purchasing girl-on-girl massage porn, turns towards our strap-on area and in a disgusted manner exclaims "do women actually buy these things?"

"yes sir, many do"

(makes a face) "Do guys buy them for their girlfriends?"

"yes sire, many do."

(shudders) "Do they use it to replace their cocks? It doesn't seem right"

This is actually not an uncommon conversation for me. Our strap on section, filled with dildos and harnesses, frightens many a man. Some are intimidated by the size or the idea that a woman could replace and upgrade from their man's cock. Vibrators are fine for these men because their in no competition with "the cock". But dildos imitate "the cock" and create competition since they are getting more and more advanced. Vixen toys now makes a silicone material called VixSkin that is soft with a hard boning underneath that warms up to body temperature. Pretty advanced, no?

Guys, don't fear the dildo. And please don't make smart ass comments to me about them. It only shows your fear of being replaced.

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