Saturday, April 3, 2010

Old and new

Today we've had two customers.

The first woman came in asking what the most popular vibrator we have was. This is a common question. Everyone wants the toy that is most popular, the one that flys off the shelf. That would be the Gigi by Lelo. It's rechargeable, quiet, multi speed, multi pulsations, sleek, pretty, and has a year long warranty. While I was giving her my speech about its greatness I could see the disinterest in her eyes. So I move onto the second most popular toy, the rosebud by Vibratex. This duo stimulator is popular because it's made out of smooth silicone, is pretty and pink, and has a crazy strong clit stimulator. This sold her. She bought it right away, no further questions. I do love it when its apparent that a toy has just aroused a customer.

The second woman was quite the opposite. She had come in because she acquired a coupon that we put out in the local paper that offers a free vibrating bullet with a purchase of $25. First she asked me what a bullet was. When I showed her one, and explained that it was a little clit vibrator, she didn't understand what that meant. After explaining briefly what clitoral stimulation was, she was a little flustered and nervous. She had never been in a sex shop before, and at the age of 57 had never owned a vibrator. I led her over to our vibrator section and showed her some of our simple and classic toys. She told me to just recommend one and she'd buy it. I picked the Velvet touch, which is a classic vibrator that is waterproof and battery operated. I explained to her that she should take a relaxing bath and test it out, which is a good way to guide yourself into self stimulation. Still not quite understanding the concept of her new free bullet, she rushed off nervously, giggling and thanking me for helping her.

Days like this please me

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