Saturday, July 31, 2010

Erotic photography (boobies and butts)

Sometimes the redundancy of the sex industry gets to me. Sure, the new toys and books that are coming out are advancing more and more, but sometimes the indicative nature of things in this industry just annoy me. The most popular selling vibrators are pink, men buy sex pills with arrogance, blah blah blah. Somethings just never surprise me anymore

Take the art we have hanging on our walls. Every month we participate in a local art tour where we display different artists. People come in and are so wowed by the art work and amazed by the eroticism of the work. Me? I get so annoyed by the common topic that the artists like to display in our store. Women, naked women, different angles of naked women. Boobies, vagina, butts butts butts. Seriously? Yes, we are a sex shop, but there is so much more to erotic art than the female form. Yes, it is beautiful, but there becomes a point of time where I just want to yell at the artist of the month that there is more to eroticism than close ups of skinny girls with boobies.

This month we are displaying the artwork of Lochai ( a well known photographer and kinkster. As I prepared myself for more boobies and butts, Lochai pulls out his first piece of work and hangs it up with pride. And what my dear readers is the giant picture that he displays in the main spot next to the counter? Balls. Well, more specifically an erotic photo of a mouth blowing smoke onto male genitalia. But really, when I look over, I think "Well, those are balls." And you know what? Thank the fucking lord. Lochai is finally an artist that doesn't just photograph pretty girls and call it art. Yes there are lots of pretty pictures of naked girls all around the store, but they all have a theme. Some are tied up in beautiful rope work, some nude in the bathroom. None of the work makes me think "oh god, here's another guy with a camera who takes pictures of women's naughty bits and calls it art". I mean, there is a large photo of a guy sucking someones toes, burlesque dancers, couples in loving kinky embraces. This guy gets it, that erotic art is more than just naked women. That a picture of sucking toes is just as breath taking as a close up of some girls ass.

My dream is to have an artist display erotic nudes of fat hairy guys. But take it seriously, like well done erotic portraits. Calling all artists, let's break the mold of erotic art just being pretty girls. Push the limits.

Get some balls


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