Friday, August 6, 2010

Irritating Customer of the Month

Hello Most Irritating Customer of the Month.

Woman walks in, age 50-60. She comes to the counter carrying a pair of stockings and looking puzzled. So I ask her if she needs any help. She is meeting with a "friend" this weekend and was instructed to pick up some fun toys. She tells me she has used a vibrator before, misleading me that she knew anything about sex toys and buying them. I start her off by showing simple three speed vibrators. She keeps asking "so these are all vibrators". Okay, a little weird, but some people get confused.

She continues to ask the oddest questions. Do the vibrators come with the display pillows? (no) Why not? (The pillows are not for sale) So these are all vibrators? (yes).

After a good ten minutes of questions I excuse myself so she can explore. At the counter I start to hear buzzing. I look over and realize she has left on every display vibrator. There are like 30 buzzing and shaking toys, and she looks stunning when I rush over to turn them off before they bounce off the shelf. I kindly ask her to turn off the toys if she is going to turn them on. She looks confused and says she didn't realize they were on. Guh.

Finally she comes to the counter. With the display toys. When I explain to her that she needs to buy the ones in the boxes she doesn't get it. And then when I ask her if she would like to buy batteries she is snarky. Of course she wants batteries, how else would she get it to work? Finally she finishes her purchase.

As I start to help the gentleman behind her, her phone rings. Okay, people talk on the phone here all the time. She decides to have her phone conversation right outside the store door, which is fine, but she keeps pacing in and out, causing the door ringer to constantly go off during the duration of her phone conversation. She ignores the irritated looks of customers, and kind of blocks the doorway for some of them. And keeps having a loud phone conversation over the ringing of the door.

Any wonder I have a headache for the rest of the night?

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