Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tonight has been one of those nights.

Guy in his forties walks around the shop after testing out silicone lube and touches almost every product. Thankfully he actually bought something, or I'd be pissed. His items were slippery as I put them in his bag. He then asked if we had any unmarked bag since one with our store logo was embarrassing.

Group of young 20 year olds run around the store as if it were Disneyland. They play and throw things around, causing a mess and don't purchase a thing.

Shabby looking old man walks in with a walking stick. Creeps other customers out.

Gentlemen walks in and has me describe every massage oil we carry. Didn't understand when I calmly explained multiple times that oil will stain sheets. He then opened every bottle to smell it and announced loudly what each smelled like. He left without buying anything, saying maybe he'd come back after coffee.

Woman walks in to complain about our advertisement outside (poster of a pin up girl). She proclaims she is a feminist and is appalled by our shop. She then says she pities me for working at a place that is so degrading to women. She takes my bosses business card and walks away in a huff. I don't answer her and give her a blank stare. Sometimes no reaction is the best reaction. My mood altered by her. I am troubled by this interaction.

A couple walks in asking about almost every product in the store. I am in a bad mood due to "feminist" lady. But they are good natured and inquisitive. Doubt that they will buy anything, but at least it's positive company.

Sleazy guy with a runny nose comes to the counter, leans in and asks if we do more than sell stuff. When I talk to him about the classes we offer, he starts asking if it's a good place to meet hyper sexual people. When I tell him that the classes aren't really for picking up dates, he still pushes that he could meet someone there because "if she's there, she must be not as experienced, like me, right?" Way to try to pray on women who just want to learn. Bravo sir.


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