Saturday, August 14, 2010

So two cute old ladies walk into a sex shop...

Sounds like a beginning of a really good joke or a really disturbing porno. But really, this did happen to me last night.

Two elder ladies in cute sweaters and big glasses came into the store. At first I guessed they needed change for the parking meters (something that people tend to wander in our store for) or were lost or something. Once in a while I do get older folks in here, but it is pretty rare and they usually buy a Hitachi or something similar.

These women walked straight up the the counter and in the sweetest voice you can imagine asked politely, "Do you carry bongs?" I have to say, I almost fell off my seat. She explained that she collected them, talking as my own grandmother does about her beloved Frank Sinatra collectors items. When I directed her around the corner to the new smoke shop that opened up a few months ago, she kindly thanked me and wished me well in my business. She said she wished she could purchase something, but she hadn't had "those kind of needs" since 1993.

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