Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busiest Day EVER!!!

Today has been busy


Three young girls going to Burning Man all buying and trying on corsets. They leave our racks empty. I don't think they are aware the Burning Man is all dusty and their pretty new outfits are going to get dirty.

Woman comes in for the first time to sign up for our email list. She is friends with Tantra instructors Charles and Leah Muir, who teach classes regularly at the shop.

Young male comes in asking if he can trade quarters for five one dollar bills

Female couple with a puppy named "Dorthy" ask if it's okay to bring her in. Sure, we're pet friendly.

Woman tells me she is going to Burning Man for the first time. She is opening every package she touches. When I ask her not to, she gets defensive. She breaks a vibrators packaging and pretends it "came that way". Fortunately the toy is not broken and I can repackage it. I just hate liars.

Man with a cane asks for the owner by the wrong name. When I explain that she is on vacation in Israel, he says "funny, she doesn't look Jewish, but I'm Mormon so whatever". He buys lube after asking on the price of some Japanese Bondage Instruction books.

Young couple uses a 50% off coupon to buy a vibrator. They are both tiny and adorable.

Friend of mine comes in and buys vibrating anal beads. It makes me happy that my friends are okay with my knowing about their sexual acts.

Couple looking at cock rings and masturbation sleeves. She exclaims "no, don't put your finger in there!" and makes other customers laugh. They start whipping each other and other customers start giggling and shout at them to get a room.

Two middle age women come in to find their g-spots. They say they have been searching but can't find them. They make two piles of sex toys on the counter. Matching vibrators, cock rings, and lube. They demand mink tickler toys from the back storage room because they don't want any that have been "used". They ask a lot of questions about the g-spot and have me write down information.

Couple comes in and buys the We-vibe 2. She tells me that her ex husband was a prude.

Young guy walks around the store with porn in hand. Is nervous when I ask him if he's finding everything okay. He comes to the counter with porn and a penis pump. As I ring him up, he gets a phone call. All of the sudden he is loud and proud. "Yo bro, I'm buying a fuckin dick pump." I try to suppress my giggling as he continues his banter about his purchase.

Guy with bleach blond hair with black spots (weird) comes in and start flogging his arm.

Giggling girls drink Frappichinos while talking about their sex experiences. Just said "I thought it was a Jewish thing?". I wonder what the hell they are talking about. Oh circumcision. Weird hair guy is explaining circumcision to them. I jump in, representing my Jewish culture. Now I think he is creeping them out talking about infection and torture. He is standing awkwardly while they talk. He asks if they've been with a man who is uncircumcised. The girl he asks says "my husband isn't." They make an excuse about needing more coffee and walk quickly off.

Really young couple looks at condoms. It's adorable.

This is probably the busiest I have ever seen this store outside of holiday season.

And there's three more hours of my shift.

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  1. I am officially addicted to your blog. It's just so very refereshing!!!