Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Fuck Madness!

I felt the title is appropriate for my current status.

Since Thanksgiving has ended, and the holiday shopping has begun, the store has become a den of fuck toy madness. Customers swarming in, demanding different toys, and ordering online an obscene amount of items. Which for me is always good thing, since I get a bonus every time I make a big sale. And also it makes me happy seeing people buy sex stuff for their partners.

In the past two days online sales have gone up. Today I filled an order that was full of BDSM gear: A sex swing, a bit gag, restraint system, and nipple clamps, all the way to Tennessee.

The top sellers of the season so far is the new Lelo line of lightweight, rechargeable, waterproof vibrators.

The genius thing about these toys is the hole in the middle for easy grip. Too many times I have been complained to by customers that they don't like to hold their toys. And they are super light, which is nice as well.

I have this theory about being attracted to your sex toys (forgive me if I have written about this before)but I strongly believe that if you are not sexually attracted to your toys, why are you having sex with it? Sex toys need to be sexy, and these definitely are.

Speaking of sexy, the We-vibe now comes in different colors! So far the teal has been the most popular.

Pretty, no?

The most interesting customer I've had this week was a guy on the phone named "Randy". Randy is a pimp, or as legal to a pimp as possible. He runs a "female entertainment" where the girls are hired at parties to wear next to nothing and masturbate each other. Randy is a sweetheart, and he buys his girls their outfits and toys. They are going to start teaching sex classes with "hands on" demonstrations, and I am helping him plan out the curriculum. Pretty interesting for an over the phone business transaction (Randy works on the other coast)

Some girls I went to college with just came in tipsy off bottomless mimosas. One of them came to the counter with anal beads, admitting shyly that she never had the nerve to buy them, but has the liquid courage to now. Kind of adorable.

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