Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Art Shows at Sex Shops

Last night Celeste Duran joined a unique group of artists. Artists whose first art shows are displayed at sex shops.

I have mentioned before that my shop monthly displays local artists, the first Friday of which we host an "open gallery" of the artists work. The artist is there to talk to the public, and we serve snacks and drinks. It's quite fun.

Last night I made the joke that I should write a book about artists whose first art shows were at sex shops, since the topic came up so much last night. Duran explained to me that her work is usually weddings and private boudoir shoots, so she never had the chance to display her work. Her show was a success, many people showed and admired her stunning photographs of intimate couple portraits. She even sold a few pieces.

What makes an artist decide to have their first show at a sex shop? It isn't that they haven't had the chance to show other places, many of our artists are highly talented and could display at public galleries. Personally, I think a sex shop creates a delightfully awkward environment for an already awkward event (many artists are nervous at their first show, and therefore become shy). It also is a more private gallery, since it is such an intimate location. Duran also made a really good point. At a sex shop, she could display her art that may not be okay to show other places. Erotic and intimate art is not always welcome at public gallery's, so it's a great venue to show more racy art than is normally displayed from the artist.

We have had some great shows from first time artists:

Sasha Neese ( displayed her self portrait nudes.

Georgette Clay showed her queer art portraits, using chalk.

And last night Celeste Duran ( displayed her erotic couple photography

Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing what other artists we can take the "art show virginity" from.

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