Friday, October 29, 2010

Scary Stories of Halloween Weekend

It's that spooky time again, where ghouls and ghosts haunt the streets and women wear slutty outfits of pretty much anything imaginable. Anything. Seriously. Today I went to the bank and there was a slutty Star Trek officer bouncing around and giggling to her Little Red Riding Hood co-worker in her barely there skirt. And all around them the male co-workers were dressed as skeletons and baseball players. It was a little ridiculous.

Today's customers have been pretty blase. A few vibrators sold, some tights and pasties for those last minute holiday must haves. One woman bought her boyfriend a matching anal toy, which is kind of adorable.

And then I get this couple. They seemed pretty typical, running around purchasing different products for their romantic weekend. And then the guy turns to me and starts telling me his recent trouble with lubricant. And let me tell you, there was detail. Apparently he had used a KY warming lubricant, and it burnt his skin off. Like shredding, burning, and bleeding. He was asking me if he should sue, but then kept going back trying to explain how his chemically burnt penis looks. There are very few times I get weirded out by customers, but this was definitely one of the exceptions. I am not a doctor people. I cannot cure your medical problems, no matter how sexually related they are.

Great way to start off my Halloween weekend.

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