Saturday, October 2, 2010


My first customers today was this couple celebrating 25 years of marriage. How did I know this? The husband made a joke about it to me. He was also paying for all of the stuff they were buying. And how did I know this? He made a joke about it.

Customers joking to me is not unusual. More often it comes from men who are shopping with their partner and are left standing with the shopping bags and a pile of toys as she scurries around the store picking out more and more. Since I am standing at the counter, it makes sense that small talk occurs. And what is a better ice breaker than jokes? And considering the environment, sex jokes.

This man today was just vomiting joke after joke. Some about marriage, and the rest about sex. Like "What's the food that kills a woman's sex drive?" "Wedding cake". "Whats the greatest release a man can get?" "Divorce." "Why do eggs have the worst sex life?" "Because they only get laid once and you have to boil them to get them hard." I kind of wish I could remember more.

I was more focused on his sarcastic joking when it involved his wife. She was trying on corsets and called for him and he remarked on her "squawking". When I gave them a free tote bag for buying so much, he replied "choke bag?"

very funny sir

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