Saturday, September 25, 2010

And Fall rushes in

This is a college town. As much as the locals hate to admit it, the university here is pretty dominate. School started this week, and it is definitly noticable. Young groups of adults wandering around big eyed, trying to find their way to a bookstore or coffee shop. New friends grasping for life to each other so that they survive their year.

The store is slightly effected as well. We get more "drifters", youth who wander in giggling and poking at everything and then leave quickly. When I was a student I gave sex tours. I took groups of students around the town and taught them about safe sex and took them to local sex shops and health stores. I also took them to the on-campus health center. They became pretty popular, and after I graduated, one of the girls in my original tour took over. I wonder if they are going to do it this year. It's extremely important to inform students about their resources for sexual topics, be it health or recreational.

We give a 10% student discount that I had started when I was a student. The students appreciate it, and it gets the word out about our store. But honestly, students are not our most common customer. They also don't spend that much money. Twenty bucks at the most.

Oh well, hopefully they are getting their first orgasms out of them.

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