Sunday, September 12, 2010

Awkward Telephone

Calls have been coming in all day. Some have been really awkward to the point that I can't tell if they are a joke.
My responses are in parenthesis

"Do you carry dildos? (yes, we have a large variety.)I am gay and want toys. Do you have gay toys? (We carry a large assortment to toys, you can check out our website if you want to look at the selection.) How far away are you from LA? (8 hours. You can order off of our website) That's okay, I'll drive there." *Hangs up*

"Do you carry men's toys? (Yes, is there anything specific you are looking for?) Do you have blow up dolls? (No) Do you have things that look like porn stars vaginas? (No, we do carry the fleshlight that looks like a vagina, but not anyone specific) But it looks like a vagina? (yes, there is a picture on our website if you want to see it.) Is it under anal toys? (No, it is under penis pleasures) But it looks like a vagina? (yes) Do you carry a variety of vaginas? (no, just the one kind) Does anyone else carry vaginas? (yes, this store *gives address*) Okay *Hangs up*

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