Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shoplifting Sex

As much as I'd love to say we've never been shoplifted, it would be a dirty lie. Though it is not a common event, things do tend to disappear every once in a while. This morning I came into work and noticed that a few of the display items on the shelves were missing. Small clit vibrators mostly, but it was still irritating.

Two years ago, at our grand opening party I caught an older man putting vibrators in his bag. I stopped him and told him to pay for them or get out. He did end up buying all of them, around $60 worth of product. The same man came back a year later and walked out of the store with a Hitachi Magic Wand. I wasn't there, but the store owner actually chased him down the street and took it back after threatening him with cops.

I have only once chased someone down, but that was because she walked out of the store with an expensive item that didn't ring up properly. She told me that she was hopping I didn't notice.

In general, I hate watching customers every move. I find it a little creepy. My trick is to do work on the computer, and occasionally glance at them. But if there is more than 6 people in the shop, I do walk around and watch. Our shop may be small, but vibrators are smaller.

Sometimes I joke with customers that if I ever get robbed or catch someone shoplifting I am going to chase them down with the Njoy 11, our 3 pound aluminum dildo.

Yeah, you would not want to steal from someone wielding one of these babies.

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