Saturday, October 2, 2010

Customers of 10/2/10

-Spanish speaking gentleman (does not speak English, I don't speak Spanish) is patient with me while I try to recommend lubricant and erection pills. He accidentally puts over $100 of pills on the counter, thinking it costs $20 dollars. Eventually we get it sorted out and he leaves happy with lubes and pills. I wish I knew how to say "lubricant" in Spanish.

-Middle age woman in baseball cap and a little league t-shirt comes in to buy "surprises for her husband". I smile as she starts making a pile of fetish porn, ball gag, and advanced nipple suckers. After about 30 minutes she returns to the counter with more fetish books, and stockings. Now she is looking at vibrators. She brings up two. And a french maid costume. $400 worth of product, and I must admit I am a little jealous.

-Young college friends come in looking for black thongs. One girl buys a garter belt, the other buys a book on urban tantra.

-Three couples wander in separately to look at costumes. Yup, definitely Halloween season.

-One couple buys anal beads with lube <3

-One couple (a good ten years between them I think? She looks like she's 40+ and he's somewhere is his late 20s early 30s) shops for crotchless panties.

-Man peeks his head in and asks how I am doing. Then he leaves.

-Fuck, I have to pee and my co-worker is out to lunch.

-Nerdy guy in Iron Man shirt comes in and looks at porn. He asks about masturbating sleeves. He buys a Tenga masturbation sleeve, some lube, and condoms.

-Three college students come in and play with the handcuffs. One girl is wearing a dog collar and leash.

-Elderly woman comes in asking for change for her meter.

-Two middle aged men separately come in, wander around, and then leave.

-Guy buys sex pills

-Young girl buys vibrator

I still need to pee

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