Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rainy Days

Today is the first rain of the season.

Playing my Beatles mix, drinking ginger tea, and sitting in a sex shop. I think it's the start of a pretty good day, don't you think?

Customers today:
-Guy buying "Best Women's Erotica of 2010"
-Young guy on the phone with his grandfather asks for change for two dollars for the parking meter
-Couple comes in to ask about our workshops and classes. They inquire about the "Negotiating Successful Threesomes" class.
-Young couple buys an assortment of lubes and fun treats. When picking out flavored nipple lube, the girl asks her partner what flavor he preferred. When he didn't seem to care, she exclaims "You're the one whose going to be tasting it!" He says no watermelon flavor. She picks raspberry.

People have not been wiping off their feet at the door. I predict lots of cleaning the front stoop through out the day.

-Couple playing with the Rabbit Habit by Vibratex. She is very giggly. They don't buy anything.
-College girls come in and quickly buy batteries for their vibrating bullets. Overheard "I should wait till Hanukkah and buy this for myself."
-Man comes in asking about the art on our walls (we change every month). The art has changed since he's been in and he can't remember the artists name. All he can remember is that there were pictures of naked women.
-Young women buys an assortment of lube sample packets
-Local porn actor comes in with a lady friend. We chat about busy lives and people in the industry.
-Friend of the owner buys a pocket rocket

Less rainy, but my day is only halfway through and I'm a little bit bored.

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