Monday, October 18, 2010

Avi Answers about Anal Sex for the first time

Hey Avi. So the bf really wants to try anal...and I've heard its messy and don't really know where to start...someone told me lube and laxatives. -Anonymous

Avi Answers:

no laxatives!
bad idea!

Okay, well first you want to stretch out the area. after all, the anal opening is a muscle. I recommend using a silicone lubricant.
If your worried about poop, make sure to empty your bowels at least two hours before any activity. You can also get an anal douche (this is what i use) and fill it with warm water and a pinch of salt. They sell them at drug stores, just don't use the solution they give you, that's a laxative

Douche until water runs clear. But remember, anal sex can still end up being dirty, so have a towel ready.

Then you want to relax the muscle with fingers or toys at least an hour before going in. This makes your body comfortable with something there.

Even if you and your bf are fluid bonded, I recommend using a condom, especially due to potential dirtiness the best way to actually have anal sex, in regards to position, is for you to back onto his penis, not him enter you it gives you control of whats happening, because him just jamming it in does NOT feel good.

Just take it slow and use lube!
no laxatives!

-Avi Answers

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