Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping with your gay boyfriend

The most note worthy customers of the day:

This tall woman walks in with this short, flamboyant, Asian man. Right away I knew this was a gay boyfriend shopping date, which are my favorite customers to interact with. It is common for women to come in with their gay best friends to shop for sexy things for their partners, and the comments they make are hilarious. Right away this guy made his friend comfortable, being a charming goof and pointing out things she would buy.

When she was questioning a pair of sexy stocking he said: "Honey, you have got to get that. Not even for sex, I would just strut that around." When they looked at butt plugs, he pointed out the Pretty Plug, saying "Honey, this will make your ass shine."

They ran around the store pointing out things to each other. The woman picked up a copy of "WHORE magazine" and shouted, "Darling, a magazine about us!" He made jokes about her buying him a dildo until he could find a real man. They left as quickly as they came, with smiles on their faces and happily prancing about.

As they walked out he turned to me with a smile and said, "Darling, I love what you've done with the place."

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  1. I think the only thing that would make this post better is if you turned the gay up a notch. Just a bit more lisp and saunter. ~_^