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My first experience on

Let me start out with this, I was scared as fuck when I RSVP’d for Stefano’s monthly brunch on As much as I like to pretend that I am all big and intimidating, I am really just a nervous little girl in giant leather boots.

That being said, I first began to be interested in attending an Upper Floor party while watching their free cameras, which by the way is a genius idea. You can go onto, click on live shows, and then watch the free cams and even interact and talk to people who are there. So I would spend my down time at work being a voyeur, sometimes asking questions. Being a semi-active member in the Bay Area kink community, I quickly began to recognize and actually meet Upper Floor guests/members at other events. As a sex worker and opportunist I thought, what the hell! Let’s see if I can get my ass onto! My goal in general was to be a background person in a shoot. I wanted to be one of those awkwardly standing people watching the dirty stuff go on in front of them. Well, on Sunday I got my filthy wish.

Being a born and raised San Franciscan, it was to my chagrin that I had never noticed this towering building before. About ten minutes away from my childhood house, I started laughing that I had never seen it and how frickin’ giant it is. My date and I quickly found a parking spot right across the castle, covered our slutty outfits with the always-handy college emblemed sweatshirt, and headed towards the doorway. I was relieved to see that we arrived with a group of people, and got to chat with a few before heading in. At the front door a security guard stopped us and asked us to wait, as they were getting set up to let people in. A group of six of us formed, making small talk and complementing each other’s outfits. I was relieved to find that my date and I were not the only newbies to The Upper Floor. A few others were in fact, which instantly made me breathe a little more (corset requiring of course). We were lead into the lobby, where the security member checked our legal names off the guest list, and we gaped in awe at the large lobby. I peeked into offices and the hallways, exited to see glimpses of the off camera locations.

Up the stairs we were lead, to the top floor (duh) and my head began to get all fluffy. This was actually happening. I got a little star struck and a little feeling like a perv that I could recognize most of the people there from watching them on camera. A lovely familiar face, Jack Hammer, welcomed me and lead me to the table in the foyer where The Pope (the director of The Upper Floor) checked IDs and had us fill out forms. And from there I got a little lost, as I didn’t really get directed where to go or what the hell I was supposed to do. As I began to wander down a restricted hall (sorry!) Jack Hammer laughed and led me to the parlor where people were changing and primping themselves. My date and I tightened our corsets, put on our heels, and giggled about this exiting adventure that we were going on. Ready and willing, I put a leash on my date and lead her out towards the lounge. We must have looked so silly poking our heads in before walking in, and gawking at the beautiful decorations and the hot ass guests. I had to remind myself that we were on live feed, and that everything I did was being watched. This made my poise myself a little more, and start to act the part of a “proper” guest. We headed over to the bar, where a sexy bartender made me a mimosa and my date an orange juice. I saw the other newbies whom we met at the door sitting on these decadent couches, and took the opportunity to mingle. We all chatted while other guests arrived, many already knowing each other. My secret to being comfortable and not awkward because I didn’t know anyone was my date’s breasts. They are ginormous, and when I got nervous, I jiggled them and slapped them around. I’m telling you, tits are a great sedative.

Next Maestro Stefanos, the host and Steward of The Upper Floor, called us all into the dining room to give us a quick pep talk and run down on how things were going to go. We were introduced to Kait Snow, who was the only slave for the brunch that day. Let me tell you, Kait Snow is fucking gorgeous, and her ass is just….I don’t have words actually. Being near her was an honor. Anyways, the fan girl in me was minutes away from asking for an autograph to many of the brunch participants. After we got a quick low-down from Maestro, we went back to mingling, and I went back to jiggling tits. According to friends of mine who were watching on camera, they got to catch this lovely action.

The Maestro wrung a giant bell, which signifies that the brunch was beginning, the paid camera was shooting, and food was being served. I stood being Mistress Winters, another host of the brunch, and another person whom I have a huge kink crush on. Tall fem-doms are just porn to me. Tell fem-doms who do porn just made me jittery. Let me say, she is a frickin sweet heart. She greeted us, chatted, and was a general joy to be around. Then the camera came by. I honestly can’t tell you how often I was on camera. I think possibly in the background (score!) and shot for a few seconds. Maestro asked us to introduce ourselves to the viewers. I put on my best face, and nervously mumbled my name and introduced my guest. And yes, I jiggled her breasts again. Like a good little girl, my date made me a plate of food, which was prepared by the lovely Nerine Mechanique, who is Maestro Stefanos’ slave. We made our way to a long table, set with glasses and tableware, and sat in the middle of the left side. I figured this way we had no choice but to be social. I was right, and we got to meet other guests and chat about non-kink things like hair dye and carpet cleaning. Seriously. I went to a porn shoot and got tips on how to properly clean my carpet, and not in a sexual way. A purple haired guy sitting next to me named Noah had long metal finger claws, which he happily dragged over my arms and neck. It put me in a happy place. Maestro made a speech thanking us for coming, letting us know that the table we were eating on was being replaced, so we could fuck on and destroy this one as much as we wanted. Due to all the glasses set up on the table, debatcury did not ensure on that location.

We then moved into the lounge, where some play was beginning. My date and I looked for a place to set up that wouldn’t get in the way of someone else’s scene. While we were negotiating what to do Maestro Stefano’s asked for everyone’s attention. He announced that his slave, Nerine, was going to be given to the house (The Upper Floor) to be trained as a slave. This was a beautiful BDSM moment, and showed the soft side of this seemingly wicked community. They were both teary-eyed as Maestro Stefanos removed his collar from her and replaced it with a chain collar that signifies her slavehood to The Upper Floor. He kissed her and we cheered, honored to be present for this special moment. After the announcement was over, the playing continued. I saw that the St. Andrews cross was free, so my date and I headed off to the parlor to grab our toys. In there we ran into Nerine, who announced to the room how nervous she was. We all congratulated her, showing the love and support that only the kink community can give. By the time we got back, the cross was taken, so I tied her to a beam that was in the center of the room. Here I am going to share my embarrassing moment. As I was warming her up, and giving her lady parts a nice massage, I looked to my right and saw a pre-set up box of condoms, sanitizer, lube, and towel wipes. I grabbed the bottle of lube, squirted some on my hand and began to massage her. I commented that the lube felt weird, and she told me (very unhappily) that I had been rubbing hand sanitizer on her hoo-hoo. Holy crap! I was so nervous I didn’t notice what bottle I picked up. I quickly cleaned her off, apologized profusely, and found the lube. First time I do anything sexual on camera, and I rub alcohol onto someone’s clit. Fail

After a little play, her arms began to hurt, so we decided to move to a different area. I noticed that a block in the center of a big open space was being unused. I cuffed her to the box, and finally began to proper play. To our left there was a big scene going on that the camera guy was focusing on. It was a school girl/principal scene, which Maestro Stefanos joined in on a little bit. I have to say I was a little jealous. Maestro Stefanos is a very mesmerizing man, and I’m pretty sure he’s one of the few guys I would ever bottom for (I’m a bit of a picky person when it comes to that). Anyways, I have my girl cuffed, stuffed with toys, vibrated, clothes pinned, the works. She is screaming her cute little ass off. The camera guy came by twice to look at us, but mainly focused on the schoolgirl scene. I can’t blame him, it was kind of adorable, but he missed me being squirted all over. We decided it was break time (we had been playing for about an hour) and sat down near friends of mine who were playing with electricity. For science sake, I leant them my metal dildo so we could see if the electricity could be felt while being fucked with it. Apparently it can. Hooray for science.

Keep in mind that all around me was screaming, yipping, crying, smacks, buzzing (from a cattle prod) and lord knows what else. It was the most distracting music to my ears. By this time things were dying down, time passed by pretty quickly. While my date and I sat and watched an adorable D/s scene, I decided to experiment while breast ties (did I mention her giant titties?). Then we sat and watched while Maestro Stefanos talked to viewers, auctioned off his clothes for a fundraiser, and said goodbye to the viewers. When the paying cameras turned off, they put some music on, and we lingered and decompressed a little bit before heading out. We went back to the parlor, collected out things, said thanks to Maestro Stefanos for having us there, and made our way down the wide stairs, giggling the whole time about our first adventure in porn.

The End.

But hopefully not!

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