Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sometimes work can seem like home, or at least a comfy hangout space. I came into work today with a corset I bought somewhere else to use our returns system to exchange it (too big). My boss was totally fine with me using our USPS account to do my personal mailing. My boss and her friends were making mimosas, and talking over their late night endeavours of the former day.

As I clock in I help a couple buying a vibrator. The woman is a bit short with me, probably from being uncomfortable with talking to a stranger about her sex life. She wants a vibrator that she can use for inner and outer stimulation, but not at the same time. She also wants a vibrator that will go in deeper, as apparently the last one she bought did not go in as deep as she'd like. After interrupting me a few times I let her and her partner debate between the two of them on what to get. Sometimes it's best to say "How about you think it over and I'll be over here if you have any more questions?" They ended up buying two vibrators that I recommended, the C-Spot by Good Vibrations and The Slenders vibe from Evolved (who recently declared their one-year warranty on toys! Hooray!)

A very tall blonde buys Trojan Magnum XL condoms and some Coochy Cream (shaving cream for intimate areas.

A small woman who did not speak very much English asked me about prices for a finger vibrator. She handed me too much money and was confused when I gave her the extra five back.

My boss's friend makes me a mimosa, it makes me all warm inside

A lady in scrubs comes in concerning her vibrator which appeared to not be working. I tested it with our batteries and it worked fine. Apparently she has been putting the batteries in wrong. It happens sometimes, not all vibrators come with instructions on how to put the batteries in. I feel very professional when examining the toy while wear gloves.

Four college sorority girls come in giggling. After poking around a little bit and asking me questions, one of them asks if she can try on corsets. Since no one else is in the store but them, I help lace them into corsets. Apparently it was the first time any of them had tried them on. It was very cute. They didn't buy any, but I still like helping people try new things. One of them bought a pink power bullet (reference to earlier blog, remember my theory about colors and power bullets?) They thank me as they leave.

A bald man buys a large bottle of Liquid Silk lubricant and a cock ring. He has me gift wrap them.

A red headed girl carrying poster board bring in her resume. I remember her from past events at the shop and have the boss come out to meet her. We will start interviewing people next week.

Some regular customers come in and buy a 7-function vibrator. They ask to have it tested in the store to make sure it works.

Wish I could have more mimosa

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  1. Clearly I've been mistaken in my career choices. I want your life.