Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My day so far

Rearranged erotica. Wasn't aware we carried Lesban Cowboy erotica. Awesome.

Found a broken vibe. :( People need to be more careful when handling products! A dead vibe makes me die a little inside. But no worries, I'll just recycle it! My artist frends like to take dead vibrators from my work and use them in things. Last time I believe a rabbit vibe was used as plumage on a hat (I wore it for a fashion show).

Woman buying the NEW We-Vibe 2. Yes!!! Multispeeds and simpilar control button. Oh and cheaper.

Two guys coming in, looking at masturbations sleeves making jokes and then walking out. You guys are sooo cool.

Older gentelmen looking for flavored condoms. He buys a handful and asks how long the flavor will last. And then buys a cockpump.

So far, pretty good day

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