Saturday, December 12, 2009


I love our regular customers. The repeat offenders. The ones that I can predict their purchase before they approach the counter. It's a really great feeling learning about someone through sex toy purchases. And since we're in such an intimate setting, regulars become part of our little family.

A woman comes in once a month to buy half a dozen "personal wipes" in mango scent. She sometimes is accompanied by a man named "Blue" who is a magician and sometimes does tricks for me while she walks around (even though she always buys the same thing)

A one eyed woman comes in to try on our corsets, but never buys them. I always feel bad that we don't have ones big enough for her, but still help her squeeze herself into them.

Gentleman who buys a lot of porn. And always wants it in an unmarked bag.

Pro-doms who sends their slaves and submissives in to buy them things.

Masturbation man who buys something new to jack off into every few weeks.

These people have become my family and friends. My observations and my judgements. Thank you shoppers, thank you regulars.


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