Saturday, December 19, 2009

My theory on holiday shopping

So it's countdown time, the week before X-Mas when retial shops are on full alert. Shoppers rush into stores, find things last minute, and it is BUSY. Sex shops are no exeption to this rule.

Yet, I have a theory about why the week before holidays is the busiest. A family will rush to buy kids toys first, assuming their are kids to buy toys for. These presents are bought ahead of time, because stores run out of the latest Barbie or
Pokemon or whatever. Then the last week before holidays is personal time, where couples will buy intimate things for each other because they have the basic presents done and now its personal time.

This explains why we have had so many couples come in, and why couple toys like the We Vibe 2 are flying off the shelves. We sold five yesterday, which is pretty impressive for a sex toy that costs around a hundred bucks.

Also porn is flying off the shelves. But specifically couples porn. Like Pirates, the epic most expensice porn ever made. Actually the sequel, Pirates 2 is selling more. But that's probably because I'm biased and recommend it becuase it has my favorite porn star Belladonna in it.

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