Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pushing sex toys away

There are some products a sex shop cannot wait to get rid of. Not that we have anything against them or their creators or suppliers or lovers. Just if a toy sits on a shelf for months and no one buys it, it becomes a space hog for a new toy that would possibly sell better. As much as I wish we could carry every single sex toy in the world, we don't. And as much as I wish I could give away toys, I can't. This is a buisness afterall. A delisciously smutty buisness that sells devious devices and other things, but a buisness none the less.

There are certain steps in trying to get a product off the shelves. The first is to place it in an obvious location near something similar to it, but is more expensive. The unwanted sex toy suddenly looks more appealing because of it's low price and similarity to the other product. If that doesn't work, make it a special! By making a product the "special sale" of the month, it makes it more popular. Also cheaper. The last resort to pushing something off the shelves is to make it a prize. Our store has semi-annual raffles, where customers get to enter for free and recieve various prizes. Sorry if this spoils the secret, but half the time the product is something we are trying to get rid of. But a free sex toy is still free, right?

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