Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Therapy Session on a Wednesday afternoon

Woman parks her bike in front of the shop
Goes over to the free information table.
Grabs one of everything.
Says she's on a journey for a vibrator she once had.
It was flesh colored, with a turning dial.
She didn't use it for sex, it was for her chakras.
I stood there for a good ten minutes while she talked in a perfect stream about things I could barely make out:
-She should have grabbed it when she had the change
-She didn't know if he was married or had kids
-Maybe he had used it
-It had this low turning thing
-She wants to travel to Utah for their sex toys
-Living with alcoholics
-Her parents being active people
-Maybe it was the drugs
-Buying "as seen on tv" breast pads because she's so tender
-or was her privates the tender part?
-Did I remember 7th and 8th grade? That's where she is right now
-She reported her family to the police
-Being a police man is a fad
-She reports the people she loves
-She wants to be good for her daughter
-Her parents copy other peoples lives
-The other people are very successful
-On a beach she once sat on her art folder and the razor that was under it turned on. It was a relaxing experience
-She might have brain cancer
-She has brain cancer
-She has head cancer
-Do we carry any lube that has alcohol in it?
-She likes watching male gay sex
-Once went to a place in SF and watched two guys in black latex have anal sex
-She enjoys anal sex, but only if it's with someone she likes
-Too bad she doesn't have a car, she wants to go to Vegas and Utah
-The colors of vibrators are made for old people

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