Friday, January 29, 2010


I have the worst facial recognition. Especially with customers. There are frequent customers that I can recall, but usually when someone walks in, I'll have no idea if I've sold them anything before. Lucky them I guess. Some customers stand out, due to interactions or particular traits, but they usually get all clumped together. So it's really awkward when a person starts to talk to me ask if they know me. For instance a customer came in and headed straight for the back where the bathroom is. We usually do not let anyone use the bathroom unless we know them, ie, unless they are frequent. But he waved at me and went straight on back. I only recognized him when he made his masturbation sleeve purchase. He's very particular about his pecker.

Two girls came in today and talked to me very informally. Apparently they came to the class I taught last night and were just spouting out information I had said.

Oh and the other day I made eye contact with a guy on the street and he freaked out and avoided me immediately. Another frequent customer. He apparently didn't know what to do and thought I was going to out him.

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