Friday, February 5, 2010

It's hard out there for a PIMP

So this guy came in. He looks to be in his late 30s, since clothes and haircut. He asks to speak to the owner. As I was the only one working I asked what it was for (there are two owners, one takes care of orders, the other manages our classes). He said he manages girls and was wondering if we could put stripper poles in the store. I explained that we can't since it's expensive for insurance reasons. I asked what his buisness was and he said it was on his card. On the back of the card (which was brown with gold lettering) there was no description besides a list of shows.
Lollipop Shows
Toy Shows
Masterbation Shows
Ring toss
2 girl Shows

So after this guy left I looked up his website. The first thing that pops up is a panty-less bent over girl. Okay, so I figured he was a manager for strippers or something. It's better than that. He's a manager for entertainment girls, which means girls that you can hire for private parties and they will put on any kind of show for you (and by you I mean a group of males). So bachlor parties, birthday parties, etc. Except they will have sex with themselves and each other. Very explicitly. There is a no touching policy, but they will fuck each other live.

This guy is basically a legal pimp. He manages girls who are paid to go out and have sex for money. The only difference is that they have sex with each other for money. Personally I'm pretty impressed how close he is dancing around the prostitution line. Is the only difference between a hooker and a stripper the touching policy? What if the stripper masturbates with a dildo a foot away from the customer for money? Isn't that penetration?

I always question prostitution and it's legality. We can fuck each other for money so many different ways without it being illegal. Porn, live shows, entertainment girls. It's all fucking for money. But the people of the evening are the only ones who get fucked over.

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